Management & Organisation

Unioo is a popular tool, dedicated to voluntary associations. It's about freeing up time and resources for the board by handling meetings, assignments, documents, members and more. The opportunity to assemble the boards work in one safe place.


Holdsport (SportMember) is the perfect tool for a club who wants to manage members, communication, activities, membership subscription fees, website, and booking, all from one system.


Motivu is an online member recruitment platform. It is a meeting place between sports clubs and new potential members who wish to participate in a free tryout.


For those who wish to combine personal goals, competition and a community with others of similar interest in sport and an active life, vVitas is the perfect platform.


With the Sport2gether app you can find others in your neighborhood to exercise with. Find others who are looking for someone to share their sports experiences with. You can use the app across cities, regions and states.


The TinyLineMarker Sport field painters are the ideal solution for high schools, colleges and sports associations. The field painting robots ensure that the field quality goes up while the effort goes down. This frees up a tremendous amount of time for athletic directors, facility managers and P&R operators.


ForeningLet provides a membership system for small and large associations. It keeps track of members, collections, registrations, communication, accounting and much more. In short, most of the administrative tasks an association deals with.


Zakobo is a sport management software which provides customized club management for each sport. All the essential elements of sports club administration are in the software, including a new responsive website.


An easy, fast and secure way to book personal trainers for individual training and mentoring.