Activity & Performance

Datamatik Sports Nordic provides sports referees and analytical staff with professional communication equipment


YogaStream is a Danish, subscription-based, online yoga universe. Our vision is to enable people to get a healthier lifestyle, through online yoga and meditation on demand, delivered by more than 30 of the best yoga teachers in Denmark.


Vokalo is introducing communication as a performance optimizer in sports, by allowing real-time communication between coaches and athletes through a highly advanced audio communication system and by providing coaches with automatic analysis of recorded communication during practice sessions.


TrackMan is a market leader in ball and club tracking technology and delivers data insights for multiple sports including golf, baseball, soccer, and American football. We help top athletes improve their game and amateurs have more fun.


Changing the game in the sports prosthetics industry, Levitate has made running blades way more accessible to leg amputees that want to start running without paying a fortune.

Lets Levitate

Replay Institute offers customised VR training to allow players to correct those mistakes. Powered by our sophisticated analytic software, we produce customised playlists targeted at the players specific challenge.

Replay Institute

Next11 is a fast-growing sports tech company that helps footballers progress and levels out access to performance data. We are here to improve skills, technique, and ultimately the performance levels of millions of footballers around the world.


Optima Sport are experts in Recovery Boots. Our vision is to make active restitution as easy as possible and an integrated part of every exerciser and pro athlete. Together with our Optima Sport Recovery Boots, we offer a wide range of different restitution products.


The Nordic Trainer builds on principles of Nordic Skiing and Pilates. The Nordic Trainer, is a full body multifunctional fitness machine. Combining the two, unlocks the key to the most effective full body workout you can.

Nordic Strong

Silent FIT is an incredibly flexible solution for sound in fitness, yoga and dance. The system solves your noise-related challenges while offering an immersive experience in team training

Silent FIT

TrainYourEye's sports vision training is for you who want to reach your full potential. If you have difficulty keeping focus, often make the same mistake in e.g. passes, get tired in the head or have blurred vision - you can optimize your vision!


InchByInch is the 360 solution for football players providing access to both the professionals that pay it forward as well as the experts that help them. Download the app today and become the best version of yourself!


Veo is the ultimate camera for team sports. Record and live-stream football matches automatically and take the game a level up. Everything is in one camera. Everything is live.


SENS motion® is an integrated system for collecting physical activity data from groups of people. It consists of a wireless activity sensor that automatically transfers data to a secure cloud. It is especially well suited for use in the healthcare sector and for large research projects.

Sens Motion®

CC Athletics specialises in developing novel sports technology. With competencies in both software, electronics and exercise physiology we help companies build prototypes & final products.

CC Athletics