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SportsTech Denmark


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Confederation of Danish Industry, Danish Design Centre


Four annual network meetings

The case

In 2020, in the belief that networking is the key to success, we launched SportsTech Denmark, a new network for companies, start-ups and stakeholders who work with sports solutions. The focus of SportsTech Denmark is innovation and export, and its members have access to four annual network meetings centring on a variety of topics relevant to the industry, such as the latest trends, sports data and export tools.

Members also get the opportunity to meet stakeholders, companies and start-ups within sports and sports technology and to share knowledge and experiences while working to pave the way for new collaborations across sports and business.

How we helped

The first network meeting, which focused on sports technology, was held in December 2019, with more than 80 different companies and organisations in attendance.

“We’re looking at immense growth potential based on the fact that there’s already a large number of excellent Danish companies and a strong entrepreneurial environment in the field. And I believe that if we gather them and ensure knowledge sharing, then we can boost the potential for growth and encounter huge potential for export.” Sune Knudsen, COO, Danish Design Centre

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