Solutions to generate movement in schools






City of Copenhagen, Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities, Virklund Sport, Lykkebo School


Four-day innovation sprint, matchmaking

The case

The City of Copenhagen appointed TRUST in 2016 as its strategic partner to manage the city’s development and construction of schools and institutions for four years. This long-term collaboration provided the opportunity for sports companies to take part in projects to develop new architectural solutions that incorporate physical activity and movement.


How we helped

Together with our partners we held an intensive four-day innovation workshop at Lykkebo School in the town of Valby. We kicked off with an inspiration day that hosted experts with specialised knowledge on incorporating movement in schools, just as a study visit took place to meet students, teachers and the head of the school. These steps formed the foundation for an idea workshop designed to identify architectural opportunities for incorporating movement, indoors and out.


The results included, for example, a movement landscape in the school’s old colonnade that makes it possible to be active outdoors, even on a rainy day. Movement is encouraged while still inside because the invitation to move is an integral part of the main building.


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