New technology to reduce ankle injuries in sports






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The case

Sports injuries are a major problem in both elite and leisure sports, with sprained ankles, which comprise up to 30% of all sports injuries annually, representing the largest problem. Spraino was established based specifically on this knowledge.

How we helped

We partnered with Spraino to mature the product for release based on professional feedback on their business model, communications efforts and by establishing contact with sports federations that have participated in both user testing and research studies. Aalborg University and Hvidovre Hospital are part of the project, and we helped establish contact with basketball, badminton and handball clubs interested in participating in user testing.

This resulted in the first study of its kind in Danish sport that followed 510 athletes for eight months. Consequently a new technology was developed to protect against the most common types of ankle sprain in indoor sports, with the results indicating that Spraino can reduce up to 50% of ankle injuries.

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“DIF Innovation Lab has been an attractive partner for us, providing us with contact to all of the federations, which allowed us to set in motion a major scientific study. What’s more, we’ve received valuable feedback on how to improve our communications efforts.” Thor Grønlykke, CEO, Spraino

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