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Danish Dancesport Federation


Business model consulting & usability tests

The case

By combining creativity, digital learning and physical activity, Boogiz app provides access to a whole library of dance moves that lets you build your choreography and share it with friends. Avatars allow you to adjust the dance speed and the angle of moves to demonstrate them.

How we helped

We provided Boogiz with professional feedback and consulting across disciplines in terms of its business and product. Initially we focused on developing the business model, identifying the right partners and preparing an execution plan. We believe in asking the client, which is why we set up a user study to validate the business potential and to gain new insights, learn what creates value for the end user and to establish a pricing strategy and the application’s key features.

We helped co-develop the product design by giving feedback and guidelines on the user interface and usability. The next step on our journey with DaFreeGo’s Boogiz app is to test the prototype with potential end users.


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