Communication technology for training




Activity & performance


Danish Sailing Association, Danish Canoe Federation, Danish Rowing Federation


Business model consulting, matchmaking with national federations

The case

Distance, noise and deeply rooted training methods limit the opportunities available in many sports for athletes to learn while training. Coaches provide instructions based on the practical and physical conditions – and not on the principles for optimal learning environments found in recognised learning methods. That is why athletes do not reach their full potential. Established in 2019 vokalo’s ambition is to improve learning in sports environments using innovative approaches to communication and feedback.

The goal is to develop new communication technologies to allow coaches to provide instantaneous individualised feedback, which many studies show increases motivation and the effectiveness of the training, not to mention provides a steeper learning curve.

How we helped

We helped identify relevant types of sports and establish contact with sports clubs that would like to collaborate in testing equipment. This has involved, for example, user workshops with national coaches from a variety of federations who can contribute by giving pointers on what the product should look like and how it should be applied. We also provided professional feedback in terms of financing, business models and test designs

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“DIF Innovation Lab possesses a unique network in the elite Danish sports environment that has been incredibly useful while developing vokalo.” Jakob Hjort, Co-founder, vokalo

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