Building innovation skills


National Olympic Committee Denmark, Sports Confederation of Denmark


Sports organisation



Development and facilitation of two-day innovation course

The case

The National Olympic Committee Denmark and the Sports Confederation of Denmark have set the ambitious goal of Denmark becoming the most active nation in the world. To date, they have more than 1.9 million members, 9,000 sport clubs and 345,000 volunteers working to deliver great sporting experiences. Ongoing development, however, is essential if sport is to grow in Denmark. Innovation is a strategic goal in several national federations, both in terms of developing the organisation and in developing new activities and services for the members. The tasks range from fine-tuning existing activities for current members to developing brand new activities for potential members.

How we helped

To enhance the skills of federation consultants, we developed a two-day innovation course on bridging design thinking and sports innovation. We believe in cases rather than long lectures, which is why the participants each brought a case representing a local challenge. We then presented a range of design methods and practical tools for them to apply to their case.

Combining theory, practice and reflection, the two-day programme allowed participants to test various methods such as gamification, prototyping and simulation.

“Intense and exciting to be challenged in terms of innovative approaches to the development of sports activities and how to manage the development process. Many thanks for a great course and excellent instruction on applying an array of superb tools.” Marie-Louise Trier Hauge, Sport and Exercise Consultant, Danish Workers’ Sports Federation

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