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The case

Developments within 3D printing create unique opportunities to tailor sports equipment to the individual athlete. ZOLES has taken advantage of this to develop software that analyses the foot’s anatomy based on pictures and then applies the data to 3D print a customised sole that meets the individual’s specs to a tee.

How we helped

We partnered with ZOLES to develop and test sports soles made with 3D printing. The process began with a breakdown of which sports could benefit the most from the product and which partners were able to participate in the development process. Next, a collaboration was established with Sparta Atletik & Motion to embark on a six-week project to develop and test the optimal sole for runners using 10 volunteers who ran with customised 3D printed soles.

The overall process has resulted in the launch of a new sole designed and adapted specifically for athletes.

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“We’re a small company and would really like to work with larger companies and sports clubs. That’s where DIF Innovation Lab has truly opened some doors that we would have had difficulty opening.” Lea Lisberg, Co-founder, ZOLES

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